This is a S&W 642, a 5 shot 38 Special +P snub nose revolver. This is an air weight gun that is very easy to carry because of it's light weight. I carry this in my front pants pocket in the DeSantis holster. The holster has a grippy outer shell to keep it in the pocket as you draw the gun. This is my favorite carry style and gun because it is easy and comfortable to carry and effective with +P ammunition. The draw back is the 5 round capacity so I carry a plastic strip with extra rounds. Because it is easy to carry in all situations I carry it frequently.

This is a SIG Sauer P6 German military pistol in 9mm. My gun has been modified by the SIG Sauer custom shop to have a lighter trigger pull, short reset trigger and new internal springs. The magazine capacity is 8 rounds, it is a single stack which keeps the grip thin enough for anyone to hold in the hand. This SIG fits my hand like a glove and being a German made pistol the quality is outstanding. This is my most accurate firearm. I can shoot this better than any other gun I own. Because it is an all metal gun the weight and size requires an inside or outside the waistband holster. This means you have to have a cover garment like a vest, coat, etc. The size and weight make this a better choice for winter carry when more cover clothing is common.

‚ÄčThe Taurus 24/7 Pro in 45 ACP is a formidable carry gun. This is a polymer frame with lots of features that all give you the ability to carry safely and fire fast and accurately. The gun can be carried with safety on or off as you wish, the trigger is OK in double action, but after the first shot the reset is very short which makes follow up shots fast and accurate. The magazine is a10 round double stack, but the 45 caliber hits hard and is a great stopping round. The ergonomics of this gun are excellent, the distance from back of grip to trigger is just right for me to get a good trigger break. This gun has a double strike capability so if the striker does not set off the primer a second pull of the trigger is possible. I added a light gathering front sight to get a fast sight picture. The gun is mid sized but carries well in the molded Cross Breed holster for inside the waistband carry.  This is an outstanding combination of gun and holster. The great Cross Breed holster really helps make this gun comfortable to carry all day.  .

Here are our favorite guns and holsters. We have carried these guns and holsters and can recommend them to you